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Christine Addae Biography


Christine Addae is a true Artist. In fact one of my best accomplishments was believing that I could be the next big artist. It all started at the age of nine. I remember one day my mother approached me with a pencil, paper and an image from a magazine and she told me to draw it. 

After I drew the image my mother was extremely impressed and we made that a daily routine. I’ve always loved sketching. It's been a way for her to cope with different life situations and a way of creating something new. Christineaddae is dedicated to making everyday count. 

Christine Addae, 32 years old, is one of four children; however she is the only girl. Growing up in the Bronx She spent most of her time hanging out with family and friends. 

Her talents come from both her mother and father’s side as they both are very artistic. She has always loved to draw, write and take photos; but she recently started painting and took it to a new level.

In 2013 Christine Addae’s oldest brother Mark Carson was tragically murdered. Just three years later in 2016 her mother Jacqueline Bumpars passed away as well. With all this pain Christine Addae threw herself into countless art pieces. 

Christine Addae is an artist of many different techniques. she is more than just an abstract artist.  She creates abstracts, portraits, photography, sculptures, crafts and much more. She admires being able to express herself freely and loves connecting with her audience in creative ways. 

Through Christineaddae's Photography she is able to capture priceless moments. She is able to see such admirations within each photo taken. When Christine captures photo's she want's to remember that very moment. She also wants her audience to enjoy the life within the photo as well. Photography is another way for Christine to express life through her eyes. 

Addaecreations was a way to Inspire others. Giving Christineaddae the opportunity to enhance someone else’s life and their abilities through her artistic talents. Her goal is to touch as many people’s lives as possible and connect with them on a different level of being. 

Creating arts and crafts has given Christineaddae life a new meaning. 

She has finally decided that this is what she was meant to do. 

Christine’s goal is to be a positive influence to other people and be the positive change she wants to see in the world. Most importantly what keeps Christine going is being able to be a part of something bigger than herself!

Sincerely : Christine Addae
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